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When talking to a lot of new lifters I found that most of them wanted to get bigger chest, arms shoulders and abs, body parts that women find attractive in a muscular male. However very few of the new lifters I talked to wanted to get a big back. Without a good development of the back muscles guys will have hard time achieving that V-taper look, unless they are genetically gifted in a shoulder to waist ratio. For me I always wanted to get a big back, along with everything else ofcoarse but back training has always been my favorite. Over the years I have been able to achieve a good back muscle development and I wanted to share some of my training tips.

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Five Tips To Help You Reach Your New Years Fitness Resolutions


As the calendar rolls around to the New Year many of us set New Year’s resolutions and goals for ourselves.  Quite often we start out strong in our quest to reach these goals but unfortunately not all of us reach our goals or complete our resolutions.  Why?  A variety of reasons that we wont discuss so lets just say life has a way of getting in the way to stay positive.  I want to suggest a five-part strategy to help you reach your fitness goals this year.


We are all going to have different goals in the fitness world.  Some of us are concerned with losing body fat while others want to increase their strength.  Maybe you want to add lean muscle, improve your cardiovascular ability, lower your mile or marathon time and simply look better for the summer.  This strategy can be applied to almost any fitness goal because it will help improve your discipline and consistency to help you reach your specific goals. 


1) Track Your Nutrition

Almost every fitness goal will require you to properly fuel yourself because your body will operate better with proper nutrition.  Gaining weight, losing weight, endurance work, increasing strength levels and just about every fitness goal becomes easier when your body has the proper nutrients and calories to allow you to recover between sessions.  Tracking your nutrition with a fitness app is a great way to ensure you are properly fueling yourself.  One of the easiest ways to do this for free is to add an app such as My Fitness Pal to your phone or tablet.  It can be any app but I’ll suggest MFP because it is free and easy to use.  You can set the adjustment on the app for your specific caloric and macronutrient needs.  If you don’t know your exact nutritional requirements the app can help you figure that out as it walks you through the set-up.  Consistently entering your daily food intake allows you to see how you’re fueling yourself, which macronutrients you need to eat and perhaps how much more you are eating than you should be.  This helps educate yourself about nutrition and makes it easier to make corrections.



2) Log Your Exercise

Yes, we will all have different exercises and training routines but we will all get better results if we are consistently challenging ourselves.  Logging your exercise allows you to go back and see exactly what you have been doing, what you haven’t been doing and what needs to be done.  Log your exercise sessions in a notebook, your phone, your computer or anywhere you want as long as you’ll have the ability to go back and look through it.  This is your own personal story of what you’re doing to get where you need to go.  Most likely you do this anyway, if only to have something written down to tell you what you need to do on a particular day but keeping a log of what you actually did will help keep you on track and give you a visual example to look through to see what’s working and what’s going wrong.  


3) Write your resolutions and goals in your log.

You’re going to look through and write in your log quite a bit.  Having your resolutions and goals in your log forces you to see them repeatedly.  This helps to keep you focused on what you’re going to do by constantly reminding yourself that you are on a mission to improve yourself.  Leave some room between your initial resolutions and goals so you can add additional goals as you start to achieve or surpass what you’ve set out to do.


4) Set up a fitness related Instagram page.

Some of us are more willing to share our personal journey with others and there is no problem setting your IG page to private if you don’t want anyone else to see your pictures.  That’s fine but set up an IG page no matter what.  The IG app is free and you can delete it at any time if you want.  The purpose of having an IG page for this strategy is to provide visual reinforcement as you progress.  Post before, during and after pictures of yourself for comparison.  Post form videos of your exercises, pictures from the readout on your cardio machines and anything else that shows the work you are putting in.  Add some pictures of yourself flexing or just showing yourself.  Post pictures of yourself in the gym, on the track, out while you’re running or cycling and doing anything that shows you doing what you need to do to reach your goals.  Post pictures of your meals to remind yourself what you’ve been doing to properly fuel yourself.  Post pictures of your dog walking with you while you exercise.  Post pictures of your friends exercising with you.  Post whatever you want to remind yourself that you are doing what it takes.  Post, post, post.  Again, your IG profile does not have to be public, it can be set on private so only you and your friends can see it or you can make it public and interact with other people attempting to better themselves for support.  Our main reason for adding an IG profile is to provide ourselves with visual reinforcement.  You can share that with others or keep it private but having the ability to see the hard work you are doing is motivating.


5) Set time aside to review the above once a week.

Looking through the above tips once a week will help you see what you’ve been doing right and wrong so you can make adjustments to keep yourself on track to reach your goals and resolutions.  Going through your nutritional intake allows you to see exactly what you’ve been eating and in what quantities.  You might not like seeing that at first but reviewing it provides an honest breakdown of your nutritional habits and reminds you what needs to be done.  The same thing goes for your exercise logs.  This helps you stay consistent and shows you what’s working and what isn’t.  It will also let you see exactly what you haven’t been doing by showing the gap on the sessions you missed.  Every time you read your goals and resolutions reinforces your desire to achieve what you want to achieve.  Seeing those pictures in your IG will remind you of the struggle you’re going through and helps you see the small improvements add up.


This five-part strategy will help keep you motivated and focused as you pursue your goals.  It will help increase your discipline, focus and consistency to give you a better chance at being successful.  I wish each and every reader the best of luck in 2018 in their quest to reach their goals to improve themselves.







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Over the years there have been many diets that claimed to be the next big thing in fat loss and muscle gain. If it fits your macros or IIFYM is a diet that recently became popular because as long as you are meeting your macros you can eat anything you want. This ofcoarse got many people excited since they don’t have to eat fish and broccoli only in order to lose weight, in fact they can even have a cookie as long as the calorie intake is lower than the calories burned. Sounds simple enough, and it has worked well for many people to lose weight and to gain lean muscle mass. However for some people digestion can be an issue, although many of them continue to ignore obvious signs of indigestion like bloating and diarrhea, those who are synced with their body’s biofeedback were able to modify their diet to reduce indigestion. 

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For many of us who fell in love with weight lifting, crossfit, bodybuilding and general fitness we want to be able to continue to do what we love for years to come. When we are young recovering from injury is much easier, and it’s also much harder to get injured. However years of training take a toll on our body and it becomes harder to recover, easier to get injured and we develop more muscle imbalances and tightness. Which is why it’s important to know how to train to reduce the risk of injury, and I wanted to cover some ways to reduce the risk of injury. 

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Diets should be dynamic just like training. Always adding calories or decreasing calories eventually reaches a point when the progress hits the plateau. Having a cheat meal during dieting phase to start up metabolism and break through a weight loss plateau is a widely accepted technique used by many fitness enthusiasts. However when it comes to bulking or gaining muscle mass the mindset in a lot of people is more is better. 

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Bacon Wrapped Avocado with a Duck Egg Inside

 For my first AI Sports Nutrition blog post I wanted to start with a recipe to test things out because I believe success in the gym starts with proper nutrition.  Those of you who are already familiar with me know I love breakfast foods,  especially eggs.  Today’s recipe utilizes a duck egg that is soft boiled and combined with an avocado and bacon.  Simple to make, this treat contains less than 400 calories and is filled with healthy fats that our bodies require.  This satisfying combination is delicious and can be served as a stand-alone meal or as part of a larger meal.  Duck eggs are a delicious alternative to chicken eggs, the main difference being that the duck eggs are a little larger but the taste is almost identical. Ensure that your avocado is firm but ripe.  

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My father in law started working on losing weight. He cleaned up his diet which resulted in reduction in the number of calories he was consuming on a daily basis and he successfully lost some weight. However he then came to a plateau unable to lose more weight with the initial diet changes that he made. Therefore he had to lower his daily calories more, which produced some weight loss, but inevitably he reached a plateau again. He was not willing to sacrifice any more of his daily calories and became frustrated.  He felt that weight loss is just not going to happen and he might as well just go back to eating like he did before. This is something that many people may be able to relate to, the frustration of not being able to lose weight even after lowering calories below maintenance levels. Sometimes the key to this problem can be found in insulin resistance.


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Mindset plays a huge role in any sport. Many people have pre-game rituals to get into the right mindset for optimal performance, baseball players are probably one of the well-known examples of that. There have been times in our lives when we underperformed because our head was not in the game. I’ve myself experienced many times a poor performance in the gym because I was not focused on what I was doing. Always wanting to improve my athletic performance I wanted to look further into improving my athletic performance with the right mindset.

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Many of us have experienced a lagging body part that just doesn't want to grow. Certainly we all want a symmetrical body which is why we want to fix this issue. There are many ideas on how to approach a lagging bodypart and in this article I would like to share some of the methods that worked for me.

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Many supplement companies focus their products on the superficial areas of our bodies; increasing muscle mass, vascularity, striations, and the like.  But how many companies actually focus on the things that keep our bodies healthy?  I’ll give you a hint, very few.  AI Sports Nutrition is one of those few companies that creates products that not only are going to help you increase your size, strength, and get you lean, but we are also genuinely considered with your overall health, as evidenced by our general health line.  Within this line, we have an amazing product that can not only assist in healthy hormone balance, but also keep important organs such as the liver and kidneys functionally optimally.

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