No Whey!™ Chocolate Flavor Non Dairy Protein

No Whey!™ Chocolate Flavor Non Dairy Protein

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Quick description:

No Whey? No problem, with AI Sports Nutrition’s No Whey!™ Protein powder. Created as a vegan alternative to whey and soy protein, No Whey!™ is a natural blend of organic pea and organic rice proteins, for a low-fat, high-fiber post-workout recovery formula. No Whey!™uses all natural flavors with absolutely no artificial colors or sweeteners. No Whey!™ is the most delicious vegan protein powder you’ll ever try.

3 Grams of Sugar

Mixes Easily & Drinks Smoothly

Good Source of Dietary Fiber

22 Grams of Protein Per Serving!

Made With Organic Pea & Rice Protein


AI Sports Nutrition created No Whey!™ protein powder with the health of our customers being the primary goal. We wanted to create a high quality protein powder that uses all natural ingredients. No Whey! was designed for people who are focused on their health, fitness and wellness. After years of research, a new all natural formula of No Whey! was created. No Whey! is a blend of organic pea and organic rice proteins which are low in calories, low in fat, cholesterol free and a good source of fiber. No Whey!™ is made from all natural ingredients, which means no artificial color or sweeteners. No Whey!™ uses all natural flavoring system to bring out the most amazing flavor, making No Whey!™ one of the most delicious vegan protein powders you’ll ever try.

 No Whey!™Uses Organic Pea and Rice protein Combined, organic pea and rice proteins are a great protein source for vegan diets and a healthier alternative to meat, dairy and soy. It’s a good protein option for people with other food allergies. Pea protein is rich in amino acids arginine and lysine. Recent studies indicate that pea protein has a protein quality similar to that of an egg.* This is fantastic news for those who are considering a vegan diet, but worried about getting enough quality protein.

Rice protein provides essential amino acids and it is a good source of fiber. A research study from University of Tampa concluded that rice protein provides similar results to whey protein in increasing lean body mass, power and strength.*








As a dietary supplement, mix one scoop with 8oz of almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, or water as needed.

Main Ingredients:

Organic Pea Protein

Pea protein is known for its superior digestibility compared to other protein types (90-95% digestibility).  It is notably less allergenic than other protein types.  It has a natural chocolate flavor, and superior mixability.  Supplementing with pea protein has been found to be more effective at making a person feel full when compared to other types of protein.

Organic Rice Protein

We chose to add rice protein because of a particular study that found that supplementing with rice protein actually caused a slimming effect, most likely due to the effect of the rice protein on lipase enzymes in the blood vessels and in the liver.  These enzymes “cut up” the fat cells in the blood, essentially making it easier for organs and tissues to absorb them and use them for energy.

The combination of pea and rice protein together gives a superior amino acid protein than either of the two alone (pea protein is low in certain amino acids that rice is high in, and vice versa).  This combination of proteins is considered to be the best tasting combination of protein types available. Another benefit of both of these protein types is they are vegetarian/vegan friendly.


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•  Joy, J. M., Lowery, R. P., Wilson, J. M., Purpura, M., De Souza, E.O., Wilson, S. M., … Jäger, R. (2013). The effects of 8 weeks of whey or rice protein supplementation on body composition and exercise performance. Nutrition Journal, 12, 86.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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