Extreme Alpha Male Stack™

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Extreme Alpha Male Stack™ is a powerful stack that amplifies hormonal levels responsible for building lean muscle mass and fat loss unlike anything else on the market. Extreme Alpha Male Stack™ targets anabolic hormones like testosterone and growth hormone to produce results in the quickest time possible with a natural stack. Testosterone is known as the king of anabolic hormones and it is the main hormone responsible for building muscle mass. This is why we picked ingredients that have been researched extensively and have been proven through multiple studies to increase testosterone levels safely and naturally. TestoPro XT™, DAA, STOKED XT™ and Perform XT™ work synergistically to increase testosterone levels through multiple pathways and activate multiple functions of testosterone like building muscle mass, increasing muscle strength and increasing sexual drive. STOKED XT™ also helps to regulate estrogen levels to make sure that estrogen stays in a healthy range to avoid unwanted estrogen related side effects. Finally we added HGHpro™ because it naturally helps to increase growth hormone which has been shown to play a role in muscle building and fat loss. Combined, the Extreme Alpha Male Stack™ will help you build lean muscle mass while helping you get leaner, stronger, and make you feel like an Alpha Male!

Lower Estrogen Levels*

Increase Lean Muscle Mass*

Increase Strength*

Maximize Natural Testosterone Production*


Stoked! XT™ Highlights:

Encourages fat loss*

Optimizes Sexual Health*

Optimizes Insulin Response*

Encourages Optimal Hormone Levels*



PERFORM XT™Highlights:

Increase Sexual Prowess*

Maximize Performance*

Maximize Testosterone Levels*


TESTOPRO XT™ Highlights:

Boost Testosterone*

High Quality Trademarked Ingredients*

Clinically Dosed Ingredients*

Increase Strength/Endurance*


HGHPro™ Highlights:

Maximize Growth Hormone Levels*

Improve Sleep*

Gain Muscle*

Lose Fat*


DAA Highlights:

Increased Testosterone*

Increased Vascularity*

Increased Strength*



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.