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Transform Your Body in Weeks*

Highly Synergistic Stack*

Everything You Need to Grow*


SWOLE STACK™ is the most powerful natural muscle building stack available on the market today. It combines the powers of two anabolic hormones testosterone and insulin to help you build muscle in the shortest time possible. SWOLE STACK™ consists of TestoPro XT™, STOKED! XT™ and Glycobol XT™. TestoPro XT™ is a powerful natural testosterone booster that uses clinically tested doses of potent ingredients to skyrocket your testosterone production safely and naturally. STOKED! XT™ regulates estrogen levels and can reduce conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Glycobol™ is a nutrition partitioning agent that helps to shuttle nutrients into the muscle by mimicking insulin creating an anabolic environment for muscle cells to recover and grow. SWOLE STACK™ uses combination of anabolic effects of testosterone and insulin for a synergistic effect for maximal muscle growth and fullness that was never thought possible with natural products. Grab an AI SWOLE STACK™ today and get SWOLE!

For more detailed information on the individule products in the Swole Stack™, please see individule product listings.


Stoked XT™ Highlights:

Encourages Fat Loss*

Optimizes Sexual Health*

Optimizes Insulin Response*

Encourages Optimal Hormone Levels*


Glycobol XT™ Highlights:

Encourages Fat Loss*

Improves Recovery Time*

Provides Lasting "Pump"*

Promotes Muscle Protein Synthesis*


Testopro XT™ Highlights:

Lose Fat*

Gain Muscle*

Improve Sex Drive*

Maximize Testosterone Levels*


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.